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Paintball is a fun and exciting team-building game for employees. Employees are divided into 2 teams, and each team is given a flag of its own. The team that shoots down the opponent team with colors and manages to place the team flag on the flag pole of the opponent team wins. Players can hide behind boxes, shoot down their opponents, and aim at long-range targets.

PaintBall has a game arena, a waiting room to create personalized 3D avatars, a lobby to view the game after getting eliminated, and also a practice arena to practice shots.

It's a perfect game to build team coordination and collective strategy skills


This is where employees get to play scientist! A team in Dino Adventure consists of an employee who gets to be a paleontologist. His team helps him search for Dino eggs on an island of dinosaurs. The team distracts the dinosaurs while the scientist picks up the eggs without killing the animals. Each egg gives the team a point. The paleontologist can only use a gun when his and his teammate’s lives are in grave danger, making them lose points. Maximum points mean a win!.

Dino Adventure is a fun and engaging game that fosters teamwork. It is fun and full of chances to engage and communicate effectively with each other.


This game is when the employees get to be Roman heroes or legions and fight the barbarian gladiators! The game is set in a visually appealing ancient Roman backdrop. Each fighter is dressed in a suit of armor and has to kill the enemies that come across

When the enemies attack, the heroes lose their health which can be tracked through a health meter below. Killing the enemies is not easy! So, fighters in the team have to help each other in killing the enemies. Team members can track each other’s positions on a mini display above the screen. As the game ends, you can see how many enemies your team has managed to kill.

Roman game is an effective way to boost strategy, time usage, and coordination skills in the employees


So what if you cannot meet your co-workers and play a game of badminton? Play it virtually through this game. Use the mouse for character movement and play with precision. Use the space and the shift keys to jump and smash. The first player to score 21 points wins the match!

Want to refresh your mind? Then, this is the best game for employees to get recharged recreationally!