Metaverse SaaS Corporate Employee Engagement Platform

Metaverse Virtual Office

The Metaverse has ZERO boundaries and limitations! Collaborate with TeamFun today and see for yourself!
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Build a cool Virtual Office Building

Build a virtual office with all features and amenities to gather and collaborate effectively in hybrid and remote work environments! Start working and interacting together virtually from anywhere!

Have structured and effective Meeting Rooms

The Metaverse is a level above the regular video conferencing and meeting applications. Experience a real meeting in the virtual world utilizing the 3-D avatars. Design a meeting room that looks and feels like a physical one and makes meetings more lively and efficient

Get Personal Workspaces

Do you miss the ease of working in your cubicle? With TeamFun’sMetaverse-based platform, employees can also avail themselves of personal cubicles and workspaces in the virtual office. You can stay connected and work together as you do in a regular office- irrespective of your location.

Virtual Auditorium for Events

Virtual seminars and events need not be boring anymore! Get an immersive and real experience of sitting together in a large space for an event, seminar, or project presentation. Get the big screen experience for real- while working remotely

Personalized 3-D Avatars

Build your walkable 3-D avatar. It doesn't need you to learn rocket science for this! Just upload your photo, and a personalized 3D avatar will be built for you in a jiffy!

A Separate Manager Room

Just like in a real office, managers will have separate rooms for themselves in the virtual office on the Metaverse. Employees can meet the managers in their respective rooms and have confidential discussions without being audible to the other employees in the virtual office

Virtual Assistant

Get an immersive remote working experience with a 3-D voice bot assistant! Experience endless productivity and seamless work experience in the virtual world!

Drive teamwork and coordination with exciting 3D Games

Play cool 3D games along with your co-workers and build relationships and communication. Playing together also drives employee engagement! Get an immersive experience, refresh the mind, and become a stronger workforce with Virtual Reality (VR) designed 3D games.

Outdoor Campus

Develop relevant outdoor skills like hunting, fishing, etc., along with your colleagues. Have casual meet-ups in the park or take a walk outside the garden- all virtually but with a real-life experience.