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What is Online Event ?

A online event or virtual event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web/app, rather than meeting in a physical location. Online events are typically multi-session events that often feature webinars and webcasts. We will conduct the live online events which are highly interactive, often aiming to create as similar experience as possible to their physical counterparts. During the COVID-19 pandemic these kind of online events will helpful for corporate employees to engage and to improve their productivity.

Our events are hosted by experienced and fun-loving professionals who are experts in HR and have engaged employees to imbibe the right culture and energy! We are conducting several online events for corporate employees like Hand Pictionary, Instruct, Draw and Guess, Grab and show, Filmy Funda, Object to color and color to object and Origami round.

Our Online Events:

  • Hand Pictionary

    Employees will be divided into small groups of 3 where in they will be put in respective breakout rooms. They will be given a 3 letter English word to present it with their arms and or small things such as pencils, scale etc.. When each subgroup decide amongst themselves, they will present it to others. The letters may view jumbled as they go on the screen, but it would be a good guessing activity as to what is the word that is being communicated. The first one to submit the right answer on the chat box would be the winner

  • Instruct,Draw and Guess

    Here there will be a minimum of two people in a group where one person will be given a picture and this group has to instruct the "artist" of the group to draw exactly as per their instructions. For example if they are given a scenery with mountains and a sun, then they have to ask the artist of their group to draw a circle at the top left, triangles on the right etc. This activity will not involve colors.The artist would share "MS Paint" app from their desktop for this exercise so that the art is visible to others.

  • Object to color and color to object:

    In this event each person will be given either a object or a color, but when they present it to others they have to use the opposite to present. Example if a participant is given the object as Apple, they have to use the word red and have the participants guess, whichever participant guesses apple will get the highest points. Similarly if the participant is given the colour yellow, they can draw a mango shape and have the others guess which colour they are trying to communicate. They can also use the chat box option to answer.

  • Filmy Funda

    In this activity the participants will be divided into group of 3 each and each group will be given a movie name. The group mates should decide how they are going to communicate with others by using BGM, mannerisms of actors and drawing a clue which is related to the movie. Now they will get 30 secs each to do their part and the rest participants will be on mute. Once all the three are done with communicating, the chat box will be open for the crowd and the first one to guess the film will be given points.

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