Metaverse SaaS Corporate Employee Engagement Platform

DPL Refund Policies

1. DPL reserves the right to terminate any User’s account and/or deny access to the Portal if it is brought to our notice that a particular User has violated any of these Terms and Conditions. Further, in the event of such termination or denial of access, DPL shall, subject to applicable deductions, refund all Entry Fees (defined below) paid by the User (if applicable), to the User’s designated bank account.

2. Every account registered should have unique email address, Phone number and the PAN details. If identified that the same user details are being used under multiple accounts, then the DPL at its sole discretion will terminate/deactivate the users account without the users consent and any deposits made will not be refunded.

3. When making deposit to user account, if the transaction fails due to unknown reasons and the amount is deducted from your payment gateway wallet and not credited in your DPL user account, please contact the payment gateway that you used to make the payment for the refund.

4. Please be advised that in case of transaction failures, DPL does not receive payments and hence, is not liable to make refund. In this case, the refunds are to be made by the payment gateways.

5. For any reasons, if the tournament/contest is abandoned/cancelled before or after the start of the game, the user gets his buy-ins refunded automatically.

6. In the tournament the minimum requisite number of Participants do not register for a Public tournament in DPL , within the time for the commencement of such tournament, the Public tournament will not be operational, and the Entry Fee paid by the Participants shall be refunded to the Participants without any charge or deduction.

7. A transaction, once confirmed, is final and no cancellation and refund is permissible. 

8.. DPL shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to any failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or cause beyond our control such as acts of God.